We rely on and love our volunteers and have several great opportunities for those who want to help out!

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

This is an amazing way to give back and can help us so much!  Create a fundraising page at any time of the year, or for one of our events.  It’s easy, you just create a page that tells your story, how we’ve helped, add a picture (we can help with this part!), and then share it through email and social media with your family and friends; you’d be amazed at how much individuals can raise this way.  And all you raise goes directly to helping people affected by cancer; that’s paying it forward in the best way. 


Events are a lot of work and a small staff can take us away from our work. Volunteers can be very helpful on event committees, leading up to an event, and on the day of the event production. Volunteers can also help us secure sponsorships and donations from those you do business with or frequent.  We always need awards and auction prizes, so helping us to get gift certificates, baskets, trips, or hotel stays; all of these help us increase our fundraising at events and help us serve more people.


Office Help

At times we can use help at our offices with clerical duties or event preparation. Contact us at 561-578-5900  if you have a skill you want to share.