Patient experiences
The Sari Center has given me my life back and has enabled me to battle cancer with a positive attitude. Every single time I go into the Sari Center no matter what phase I’m in, broken spirit, sore muscles, aches, pain whatever it may be, I always leave the Center with a new refreshed attitude of Hope, Love and Peace. Every chemo patient should come to know the Sari Center, it truly has been life changing for me.
Linda R
Please accept this donation to the Sari Center. It was a real life-line for me during my cancer treatment. Although I had the best medical treatment available to me in Palm Beach County, it was the Sari Center that gave me my refuge. Your caring staff made it possible for me to feel like a person rather than a patient. It was the place where I felt whole.
Maureen R
Thank you again! You guys have been invaluable to my husband and I during his cancer journey! The massages (by Anita and Kim) help calm our bodies, Laura King has helped calm my mind, Christine has literally gotten him flowing again, yoga with Priyanka kept me breathing and the entire staff’s kindness and generosity has lifted our spirits and help keep us going
Sharon F
This Center has been the best thing to happen to me since my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Each and every person we have worked with has been kind, caring, and very capable.
Anita works wonders! She helped me walk out of here without pain. Wonderful!
Shirley S
My experience has been wonderful. I am so glad I found this, I just love Patty & Laura!
Emma O
You are running a “center for miracles”, as I like to call it and for that, I commend you and all the people that have made this Center possible. There are times we go through life not realizing the impact that we have on people but let me tell you that every single person at the Sari Center makes a difference and I hold them in my heart with high regard.
Denise G
The two things that helped me most were the three sessions of acupuncture and certainly the hypnotherapy with Susan & Laura.
I am very impressed with the Center. The therapists, receptionist, etc. that work there are most pleasant and make you feel at ease. I came in with lymphedema and Chris has been very successful in treating it for me. I am very grateful that a friend of mine recommended your center. I was and am very impressed with the results.
Fran D
…I wouldn’t be where I am today without you here, I am forever grateful and will always hold you dear As our lives go through changes and many shifts, We are so very thankful for the Sari Center’s cherished gifts.
Lisa S
“Dear Ms. Danielson…I am writing you to compliment you on the outstanding programs that are being offered at the Sari Center and the incredible professionalism exhibited by Patricia Liebman. Unfortunately, my husband has advanced prostate cancer and I just recently found out about the services offered at the Center and am pleased to be able to utilize many of them. Patricia has been patient, kind and extraordinarily helpful in aiding me in dealing with the many issues that I as the only caregiver of my husband have. Thank you for running a very caring and wonderful organization.
Vivian R
This is a great program! I love the services you have here, please keep it going!
Linda M
This Center has been a blessing in my life. I have experienced so many benefits and improvements in the quality of my life on all levels which I believe ultimately supports my goal to remain free of cancer and live a lifestyle that is positive.