Support Groups

An integral part of the psychotherapy services offered at the Sari Center are the regularly scheduled support groups. While not exactly therapy in the traditional sense, our support groups exist as a complementary service to medical treatment to provide forums for patients and their loved ones to meet with others who are experiencing similar situations. Led by trained and experienced facilitators, support groups are known to yield positive outcomes for those who regularly attend, who with compassion and understanding, can relate to their peers in ways others simply cannot.

Support Group members are encouraged to make a standing commitment to consistent attendance & group membership, to promote a trusting and cohesive group process. Those interested should contact the Oncology Counselor prior to joining the group to ensure that all individual needs have been appropriately addressed, with a goal that a mutual fit will ultimately occur between the individual and the group. If it is determined that an individual’s needs are presently beyond the scope of what the group setting can provide, the Counselor will recommend that the individual seek additional psychosocial support and make referrals accordingly.

Counselor: Patty Liebman, LCSW, OSW-C