Pioneering the possibility of a fuller, longer life for all cancer patients. 

A nurse and entrepreneur, Sari Asher lived life with a giving heart, mentoring wisdom, and a philanthropist’s spirit. Her strength, courage, and energy touched everyone she met. After being diagnosed with a very aggressive form of multiple myeloma at 47 years old, Sari went on to live 6 1/2 of the happiest years of her life embracing the types of integrative therapies that we offer today. 

At the time of her diagnosis, Sari was given a life expectancy of mere months. How did Sari survive 6 1/2 years, most of which was with a high quality of life? In addition to standard treatments and clinical trials, Sari sought out holistic approaches to her care. Sari’s family left a legacy to Palm Beach Cancer Institute Foundation that was used to develop the Sari Center for Integrative Cancer Care. It is because of this generous gift that Sari Center was created in 2008 and continues to operate today.


“Sari knew that waiting out the storm wasn’t the answer. Sari danced in the rain.”



The Sari Center has been developed by the Palm Beach Cancer Institute Foundation in conjunction with others in the community to provide a variety of treatments for cancer patients.  The goal is more quantity and quality of life; when patients live longer, new treatments and cures become available.

Your support of the Sari Center ensures that patients with cancer can benefit from what Sari learned during her journey. Learn about opportunities to give. 


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