Patient Care

Integrative Medicine That Supports Your Journey

Offering a different approach to care, Sari Center provides services that serve the whole person. Focusing on your individual needs, we assess all areas that can influence healing: physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual. Our supportive care complements clinical treatments using integrative therapies. Sari Center's integrative medicine should not be confused with "alternative medicine." Our services are not a means to replace conventional treatments.

Integrated Therapies Offered at Sari Center

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage can reduce physical pain, lower stress, and anxiety, and can be beneficial in many ways for cancer patients who are currently undergoing treatment, are in recovery, or in remission.



This ancient healing practice involves the insertion of fine needles at strategic points throughout the body to improve blood flow and stimulate the central nervous system. Acupuncture is known to reduce pain, anxiety, and some treatment side effects including nausea, digestive distress, and neuropathy.



This specialized massage technique gently stimulates the action of the lymph vessels in order to move excess lyphatic fluid and reduce swelling.


Yoga Classes

The Registered Yoga Instructors at Sari Center encourage the practice of yoga regularly as a complementary therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety and to promote mind-body awareness and healing. Techniques participants learn in class are utilized as ongoing self-care practice at home.  Individualized attention and instruction is given to each participant to address specific needs.  Beginners and individuals of all ages, stages, and conditions are welcome.


Guided Meditation Classes

Sari Center offers meditation classes and workshops, providing cancer patients and their families an opportunity to achieve balance and emotional well-being. Patients are encouraged to strive for a daily meditation routine throughout the course of their cancer treatment, with the long-term goal of endorsing it as a lifestyle change for the better.


Sari Center has a licensed, trained, and highly experienced oncology counselor on staff who addresses the comprehensive issues and unique challenges that arise for each cancer patient and/or significant other.



Hypnosis is considered a Mind-Body Therapy that uses the mind to alter and affect the body. Using hypnosis in a medical environment empowers patients with a perceived loss of control and generally improves satisfaction with medical procedures and the treatment experience. 


Oncology-Specific Nutritional Counseling

Cancer patients may have nutritional challenges that can be addressed by meeting with our nutrition and healthy lifestyle expert. You will be guided on how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle which can significantly improve your quality of life.


Get Started!

It’s easy, just call (561) 578-5900 and we’ll get you started! We want to foster an active support network from the time of diagnosis throughout any stage of illness.  Patient forms can be found below and will be used when you schedule an initial assessment to evaluate your needs & receive a recommended plan of treatment with integrative therapies.

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