Did You Know?
Nutrition is an important component to cancer treatment and prevention. During treatment, optimal nutrition can help a patient by managing or alleviating the side effects of chemo, radiation and surgery. So… Let’s Get Real About Nutrition!

Nutrition can benefit the mind and body with:
⦁ Increased mental and physical energy
⦁ Decreased nausea and vomiting
⦁ Maintenance of a healthy weight during treatment
⦁ Reduced feelings of sadness and improved mood
⦁ Decreased pain and discomfort
⦁ Balanced digestion
⦁ Reduced risk of recurrence
⦁ Relief of long-term side effects of treatment
⦁ Preservation of muscle mass

What is Oncology Specific Nutritional Counseling?
Cancer patients have special needs regarding nutrition and require specific guidance regarding their diet. First, the dietitian will obtain a detailed diet history. Using this information, realistic meal plans will be formulated to incorporate the right foods into the patient’s diet and to eliminate those foods that may cause digestive issues during treatment.

How does Nutrition affect the body?
In order to work efficiently, you need the energy that a healthy diet provides. When you have cancer, changes can occur in your need for and ability to process nutrients. These changes can lead to poor nutrition, resulting in fatigue. For example, you may need more nutrients than usual or you may not be able to process nutrients adequately. You may also take in fewer nutrients if your appetite wanes or if treatment side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, make it difficult to eat. For these reasons it is important to have nutritional guidance from a cancer specialist.

Studies and additional resources:
⦁ Source: MD Anderson: What you eat matters… eating a primarily plant-based, whole foods diet including a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains is beneficial for preventing disease and improving health.

⦁ Source: Johns Hopkins: What we eat affects how we feel.

⦁ Source: National Cancer Institute at National Institute of Health: Good nutrition is important for cancer patients.