Frequently Asked Questions about Integrative Therapies

  • What are Integrative Therapies and what can they do for me?
  • How do I start at the Sari Center?
  • Who can come to the Sari Center?
  • Does Medicare or other insurance cover visits to the Sari Center?

Q. What are Integrative Therapies and what can they do for me?

A. The primary goal of the Sari Center team is to provide our cancer community with an integrative framework for care that includes the full spectrum of physical, emotional, and spiritual support. By strengthening the body, educating and learning to quiet the mind, and nurturing strength and courage, this complementary approach empowers patients and family members by giving them the opportunity to choose integrative therapies to address their individual needs. The therapies we offer have all been proven to ease symptoms and side effects and can significantly improve daily functioning and quality of life.

Whether you are one day or 10 years from diagnosis, you can benefit in many ways from the services at Sari Center. Integrative Therapies can function as a bridge between traditional medical practice and the complementary healing arts. We believe that each individual is their own greatest healing agent and that our role as therapists is to facilitate the healer within.

Please see the description of each of the therapies we offer to learn more about how they can help and contact us for more information

Q. How do I start at the Sari Center?

A. It’s so easy, just call (561) 578-5900 and we’ll get you started!  Our goal is to foster an active support network from the time of diagnosis throughout any stage of illness. There is a form (Click Here) for initial assessment that gives our team an idea of what therapies can be most helpful. If interested, new patients are scheduled for an initial assessment to evaluate their needs & recommend a plan of treatment with integrative therapies.

Q. Who can come to the Sari Center?

A. Any person diagnosed with cancer at any point in their treatment or survivorship is welcome to receive services at Sari Center, regardless of their ability to pay.  Caregivers and affected loved ones are also invited to explore how our services can help support their wellness. 

Q. Does Medicare or other insurance cover visits to the Sari Center?

A. Sari Center is not presently billing any claims to insurance providers or any other 3rd party. We do not have any confirmation or information on whether or not our services are covered by your insurance. We are a non-profit, charitable organization and we exist primarily on grant funding and support from donors. There are fees assigned to some of our services, as well as a sliding-fee scale for those with a financial need.  At the time of initial assessment all fees for service will be explained. We can provide receipts for services received which can be submitted to your insurance provider to determine eligibility for reimbursement.