Events & Fundraisers

Events help our community become more aware of our presence and services as well as serving as primary fundraising activities.  Currently we host a 5K run/walk in the spring, usually the first Saturday in April and a golf tournament in October/November. We love for everyone to participate in these events, but even if you know nothing about golf and you don’t want to walk or run, there are many ways you can get involved and help make a difference. We have event committees and would love your energy and passion to serve on one of them for an upcoming event! Just give us a call and we’ll find the best fit with you!

Sponsorship: One of the most important pieces of a successful event is our sponsors! We can always use new sponsors getting involved with Sari Center and it is a win-win.  Sponsors receive benefits related to the events and exposure in our event marketing and on our website.  We’d love to partner with you today as a new or continuing sponsor!

Volunteer: Events are a lot of work and with a small staff can take us away from our work. Volunteers can be very helpful on event committees, leading up to an event, and on the day of the event production. Volunteers can also help us secure sponsorships and donations from those you do business with or frequent.  We always need awards and auction prizes, so helping us to get gift certificates, baskets, trips or hotel stays; all of these help us increase our fundraising at events and help us serve more people.

Donate: We rely on donations of all kinds to make our events a success! We need cash donations, prizes and logoed gifts, as well as in-kind donations of printing, food, water, etc…

Let us know if you have something you can donate by calling (561) 578-5900!

Third-Party Events

Third-party events are events that are hosted by someone other than Sari staff; an individual, school, foundation, or business that wants to raise funds to support our mission and those we serve.  For example, in 2018, Bolay, the restaurant, sold hats at their local stores during the month of October to raise awareness for breast cancer and for Sari Center and they donated the proceeds to support our work.  These events are wonderful for us as they don’t take a lot of staff time away from our work! We are happy to help promote and support an event you plan in any way including having someone from our team as a speaker, providing marketing materials, or any other way you feel will help you be successful. 

Please call (561) 578-5900 or email Corinne at if you want to plan an event that will benefit those affected by cancer in our community!