Assessment, Education, Navigation

Front Office Greeting

Sometimes you’re not sure what you need, but you know you need some help or support of some kind.  Maybe you’ve just been diagnosed and everything is overwhelming.  Or you finished treatment some time ago, but are struggling with emotional challenges, or lingering symptoms, or you’re just not feeling well. We can help! We can provide an initial assessment for any new patient coming into the center.  We’ll look at your situation and symptoms, discuss with you your challenges and priorities, and recommend a plan of care.

We help educate patients, caregivers, and family members about the therapies we offer and how they have been proven to help cancer patients with symptoms and side-effects of the disease and the treatments.  We also provide education on lifestyle medicine and the many ways you can work on your own to improve your immune system and quality of life. We understand the clinical processes for treatment and have a vast knowledge base in integrative and natural therapies.  Our team participates in local and regional cancer networks to maintain relationships with other support providers and an understanding of the resources available so that we can help you access the resources you need most either here at Sari Center or elsewhere.  You can make an appointment with our one of our team members by calling (561) 578-5900!